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Two women provide tools & inspiration for eating locally grown food


Two women have collaborated to create a business called Chew On This.

Carlin Greenstein and Annie Stranger, a chef and a graphic designer, are passionate about educating others about the overall benefits of eating locally.

Their organization is dedicated to promoting the purchasing and eating of locally sourced products.  To that end, they have created a couple of very exciting tools. Upon seeing them, you may want to keep a set in the car and another in the kitchen.

Both tools are “wheels” which provide us with our inspiration of what we can expect to find in the marketplace  – driving our daily cooking. They are also an affordable resource priced at $11 each (plus tax and shipping) or  a package deal, $20 for both (plus tax and shipping).

The first wheel is called “A Year of Locally Grown Fruits and Vegetables.”  It lists locally grown vegetables and fruits.  Then, the wheel indicates, by month and week, when we can expect to see them in the markets.

Fruit Vegetable Wheel

Next, is the “Illustrated Guide to Forty Culinary Herbs.”  The focus of this product is to showcase herb pairings in addition to how to store them for future use once purchased. This tool provides information on the washing, handling/preparing, and storage of herbs. Also, a few herb recipes are included.

Culinary Herb Wheel 2

Unique tools which provides us with the ability to plan our cooking/preserving schedules.

The wheels, by the way, are printed using vegetable-based biodegradable inks. They are substantial in size and beautiful in the hand. Certainly one can see the marriage here between chef and artist.

In addition to the food wheels, the site is very “clean” and inspirational. There is a “Local Food Map” allowing consumers to locate restaurants, shops and markets which feature locally grown produce. The site also has numerous links with resources catering to the local / sustainable crowd.

What’s next ladies? An App for our Smart Phones? Keep it coming!

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