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Mex-to-Go: local, quick, yet not fast food

Life keeps us quite busy. Sometimes there is a need to grab something “on the go.” However, that something does not need to be fast-food.

A small take-out place in Croton-on-Hudson called Mex-to-Go can be just the answer.

You “build” your burrito or taco by selecting from various menus. First one must choose the item (burrito, taco, enchilada) then move on to menu number two for the filling.  Fillings go from vegetarian to seafood to roasted or grilled meats. Finally, the salsa must be selected.

Today’s “grab and go” was a burrito with spiced pork al pastor. There was a deeply cooked essence to the meat which made it comforting.  The vegetables were fresh and cool against the perfectly cooked rice. This was all tucked inside a soft flour tortilla, and the green manolo salsa was a great match.


As a final treat, this local eatery makes chocolate chipotle brownies. Yes, there is an earthy element with a slight “kick.” Something different.


If you have an interesting local “food find”, please zap an email out so we can let everyone know.

325 S Riverside Ave
Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520-2924
(914) 271-8646

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