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12 Grapes Music & Wine Bar

Finally… A wine bar with some umph!  12 Grapes Music & Wine Bar in Peekskill is a welcome addition to the restaurant scene.  Not only for its nice selection of wines by the glass or bottle, but entertainment galore.

The menu at 12 Grapes is well-rounded and worth exploring. It is the best of both worlds in terms of your dining wants on any given day.  The appetizers could serve as a tapas experience of sorts with a glass of wine or you can go the gamut for a full meal across the board.

The Flat Bread Personal Pizza is delicious. The slices are Mediterranean in a pita sense with delicious mozzarella, tomato and basil on every slice.  The perfect combination and not overdone.

I was looking forward to what I assumed to be an Asian inspired treat, the Beef Lettuce Wraps.  It is touted as sesame grilled beef paired with an Asian pear dipping sauce and roasted garlic kabobs. Upon arrival, the dish was completely unassembled and I was really not in the mood to “build my own.”  I decided to build and eat one before tasting the beef in isolation. The lettuce was much too wet and not well-suited for rolling as in a wrap or spring roll.  The beef, although nicely seasoned, could have been more smoky and rare.  As for the dipping sauce, I was challenged to find an essence of pear whatsoever.  The roasted garlic knobs were refrigerator cold rather than room temp.  Arrrrgh.

The BLT on brioche is worth it. Yum!  Brioche is such a good choice for this classic and the fries are hand-cut and fried in the kitchen to perfection.  They could benefit from a touch more salt when coming out of the oil, but they were a refreshing change to most eateries with their pre-frozen commercial fry offerings.

I enjoyed the farfalle pasta which had just the right balance of shaved asiago cheese, tasty sauteed artichokes, crunchy on the outside, creamy on the inside pine nuts and a light pesto.

This restaurant/entertainment zone is nicely appointed in fun purple and green hues which work nicely against the original brick interior walls.  Seating is ample and a quick lunch at the bar is perfect for single diners or a couple. It certainly lives up to their slogan, “A little bit of SOHO in downtown Peekskill.”

Bar at 12 Grapes with temperature and anti-oxidation systems

Wines are kept at appropriate temperatures in a “wine safe” – – inert gas inserts protect the wines from oxidation although it appears they change bottles out so often they don’t need that added feature.  There is a nice selection of whites and reds by the glass and the bottle options are plentiful.

Check out the event schedule for evening live music Wednesday through Sunday!  They attract wonderful venues from all over some with no cover others with nominal cover.  Reservations in the evening are highly recommended as it can become quite crowded.  There is also an evening snack/appetizer menu so you can nosh while tapping your feet to the beat.

A welcome addition to be sure.  Get out your nav system, however.  The curvy and sometimes difficult to navigate streets of this part of Peekskill with its one-way signs can have you driving in circles trying to find the place and a place to park. Don’t try to call 411 for their number because as of yet, you’ll be told there is “no listing – – Unless you ask for its former incarnation, Susan’s – – then you’ll be connected.

12 Grapes is worth the drive.

12 Grapes Music & Wine Bar

12 North Division Street

Peekskill, NY 10566


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