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The Cookery

The Cookery’s owner, Chef David DiBari, has a gift of a restaurant located on Chestnut Street in Dobbs Ferry. This restaurant features Italian fare that is beautiful, delicious, and yet not fussy. This is not a typical Italian restaurant – – which makes it so special. Below are some photos of dishes which have been on The Cookery’s menu and some brief comments. The wine list is comprehensive and quite approachable. Another presence at the front of the house is that of Bjorn Van Wyngaardt. Bjorn and the staff work to make sure your experience is one to remember. Delicious food, no fuss, great environment. What more could one ask for?

The Cookery

39 Chestnut Street

Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522


bread and olive oilFINAL

Crusty bread and delicious olive oil


Chef DiBari in the kitchen


Lamb sausage and escarole


Guanciale pizza with poached egg in the center

mozzarella pizzaFINAL

Mozzarella pizza (cheese made by hand daily)


Arugula salad with prosciutto


Grilled Scamorza (Neopolitan cow’s milk cheese


Potato hash


White lasagne


Dessert referred to as stickabutta pie with a pecan crust


Pasta fritta


 Tasting notes:

Lamb sausage has a slight smoky kick, escarole beautifully tender and the light creamy white polenta complimented by reconstituted dried apricot adds a sweet component.

Scamorza with pronounced grill marks another smoky crisp element to a soft mozzarella like cheese the tomato jam is not too sweet and nicely spiced and the baby greens simply and lightly dressed with along with shaved onion.

Stickabutta pie with polenta crust and vanilla gelato simple and delicious.

Guanciale egg fontina pizza smoky creamy.

Arugula salad with preserved kumquats shaved parmigiano; appearance of a fennel infused oil salty shavings of cheese…kumquats provided slight bitter notes yet it was in balance.

Wine: Ameis Giacosa Fratelli, Piedmont, Italia…crisp white straw color clean steel.

Pork hash potato and eggs with tomato jam; crispy cake of potato..pepper essence.

White lasagne beschamella ricotta mushrooms and ham; although there, pasta is not easily noticed, very rich…definitely a sharing dish…Pronounced flavor of truffle.

Pasta fritta – – soft zeppolle type dough filled with nutella and banana… Oozingly warm… Very very pronounced cinnamon in the ice cream…almost “warming” mouth feel.

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