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Capriccio II – Masquerading as a pizza place… Oh it is so much more!

Lamb Shank with Pillow-Soft Gnocchi

Above is a recent special. Fall-off-the-bone lamb shank on top of pillow-soft gnocchi in a roasted tomato herb reduction. Lamb Shank with Pillow-Soft GnocchiLamb Shank with Pillow-Soft Gnocchi

You know those evenings when you are wiped out from a long day at the office? The last thing you want to do is cook…You are starving.  The solution is easy. Go home and jump into your comfortable jeans and head to Capriccio II.  This restaurant, located in Croton-on-Hudson is casual, friendly, and consistent.  The word Capriccio, in Italian, means “a whim” – – the restaurant siezes on the opportunity and is up to its namesake.

Italian-born Mike Macchia opened his eatery 21 years ago and has been cooking and serving delicious homemade dishes each and every day since.

Are snowstorms closing schools and restaurants around you?  You can rely on Mike and his staff to be open.  They should employ the same motto as the United State Postal Service. They are that reliable.

The restaurant is casual, which adds to its charm.  There is a healthy buzz in the dining room as locals enjoy the good eats from a menu not lacking in choices for everyone. Weekends bring a mix of families for lunch; but tend to fill with more young adults along with their friends in addition to dating couples enjoying each other’s company while sharing a bowl of steamy and flavorful pasta or a couple of slices.
 During the week, it is brimming with parents bringing their children where eating and homework happen simultaneously. Children are never tied to Italian Fare at Capriccio II.  They offer Chicken Fingers and other “kid favorites.”

Capriccio Dining Room

The menu is diverse.  Everything from pizza and garlic knots to rich platters of Chicken Scarpariello, Cacciatore, and a delicious Piccata which is sauteed in a white wine lemon butter sauce along with a toss of capers. Every pasta dish I have tried has been notable.  The pasta is cooked al dente (to the tooth) and the sauces are complex and authentic. Each day, the specials board is creatively crafted and never disappoints.

Mike has created some very interesting pizza offerings.  Chicken Marsala pizza with bite sized chicken pieces marinated in Marsala wine is incredible.  The BBQ Chicken Pizza packs a punch of flavor and adds a slight hint of heat to the tongue.  There are the traditional standards, too. Two terrific stand-outs include the Buffalo Chicken Pizza and my favorite, Bruschetta Pizza with fresh bright tomatoes, olive oil, and shreds of fresh basil.  The true flavors of summer.  The crust on his pizza is the perfect consistency to hold the generous toppings and the portions will not let you down.

Salad sizes are also ample and you can make a meal out of one by adding grilled shrimp or chicken.  My preferred dressing is the house-made vinaigrette. My go-to salad is the Grilled Shrimp over Arugula.  The peppery grilled shrimp are of good size and perfectly prepared.  This pairs well with the naturally peppery essence of the arugula along with red onions and tomato.  The only thing I would do to improve upon this dish would be to have all the tomatoes at room temperature.  My Italian mother would never approve of a cold tomato – – It’s just not done.  So I just overlook that part and enjoy the rest.  These salads are perfect year-round.

Soups are rich and interesting. There is nothing better on an icy cold evening than a bowl of Mike’s Escarole & Bean Soup, a piece of crusty Italian bread for soaking, and a glass of red wine.  Food to live on.

There are a variety of beverages to accompany your meal from every kind of soda imaginable to wine varietals such as Chianti, Sangiovese, and Pinot Grigio.  The wines are not amazing but acceptable, if that is your mood.

A quick slice of pizza before a film or heading out for a cocktail makes Capriccio II the perfect destination. 

Do you want to stay at home in your bunny slippers and not venture outside? Give them a call.  They offer quick and reliable delivery.

Capriccio is a welcome haven in Croton on Hudson. It is in a convenient location where you can place an order, jump over to CVS, drop your mail at the post office and pick up a dvd at Blockbuster, then snag your tasty meal and head home, or not.

Capriccio II
46 Maple Street
Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520
Open daily 11am – 10pm

Note:  If you are ever in Myrtle Beach, check out the new Capriccio location.  Michael and his son just opened it and it would be a nice destination after several rounds of golf.

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