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PF Chang’s China Bistro – – Stroller Hell

Try to enter PF Chang’s China Bistro within the Westchester Mall and you will most likely have to physically push strollers aside.  When parking a stroller, the last place I’d think to put it is in FRONT of the door. Hmmmm.

The place is bustling.  It is noisy.  The food is moderately good, and don’t ask for any substitutions (dietary requests?  Fuhgeht aboud it!)

A seat at the bar can ease your entry.  Heads up.  Impressive wine list.  Problem?  They don’t have most of what is on the list.  Temperature control, please.  I was served a glass of “replacement” pinot noir since any of the other three were not available.  The temperature of the wine was in the 75 degree range – – actually tepid.  My dining partner ordered the “flight” of red wine, two of the three were unavailable.

The server, when I mentioned the wine, informed me that it is the correct temperature for red wine.  The manager came around and sipped the wine saying, “You’re right.. it’s hot.”  There was no effort to correct the situation.

It is a shame that when filled to capacity and the registers keep humming that service and appropriate accommodations are ignored.

I’d skip this one and treat yourself to a place that has very good food, a working wine list, and gracious hospitality.

PF Chang’s China Bistro

The Westchester

125 Westchester Avenue

White Plains, NY  10601



  1. Susan wrote:

    Um, hello Mr. Restaurant Reviewer….strollers at the front door and you think you’re going to get a proper glass of red – puhleeze! Let’s not kid ourselves. The Westchester is for mommies, nannies with the mommies’ babies, and teenagers doing serious damage on their mommies credit cards. Aah – let’s all breath in ‘gracious hospitality’ for a moment….what a delicious concept but I agree it won’t be found at PF Chang’s (although the lettuce wraps are pretty good.)

    Thursday, August 2, 2007 at 5:07 pm | Permalink
  2. Susan –

    Point understood. However, is an establishment ready to serve appropriately and care about the details for its customers? It’s about the details. Certainly the din is understandable as it is a mommy/nanny/stroller haven.

    As for the wine, again I mention the wine list is impressive for a chain establishment.  They have the equipment, they have the cellar, it needs to be properly managed.  In fact, when the restaurant first opened its doors, they did a fine job.  They have become complacent.

    A much better job could be done overall!

    The lettuce wraps are good.


    Mr. Restaurant Reviewer

    Tuesday, August 7, 2007 at 7:37 am | Permalink

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