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Table Local Market – – Fresh and Locally Innovative


Directly across from the Bedford Hills train station is an adorable shop. Think “indoor farmer’s market.” I found “Table” to be a great destination for locally grown organic produce, meats, cheeses, and yes – – even local honey which can do wonders for those allergies.

The operation was the vision of Cynthia Brennan who tapped into the talents of Jonathan Pratt (Peter Pratts Inn and Umami Cafe in Croton on Hudson) and the energy and enthusiasm of Eileen Zidi. I heard about this shop from Jon Pratt while dining at his restaurant one evening and was determined to give it a go.


There is a cheese board complete with Cheese Monger who will let you taste your way into your purchasing decisions. One selection that made me perk up was called Barely Buzzed.  This cheese’s rind is a rub of espresso and lavender. It is delicious.  The interesting thing about this cheese is that they referred to it as an import – – from Utah! Local is the attitude but they will bring us amazing finds from within our own borders. A local cheddar was nice and a bit nutty.  Another standout is the Buffalo Milk Mozzarella.  Creamy, delicious, and just so fresh

One of the innovative components which takes me back many years is the concept of a house account. Customers, who believe, and want to invest in the future and the concept of Table may pre-pay accounts up front for the year.  This makes it easy just to walk in, grab your groceries (or breakfast/lunch/dinner) and go. In addition, it provides financial flow for the establishment and convenience for the consumer. Membership begins at $1200 per year but Table is open to all without membership.  In addition to supporting the effort, and convenience, members receive special email updates and discounts.

One can tell that the business is truly dedicated to sustainability and to supporting local/regional sources. Most of the food containers they utilize are compostable.  For example, the plastics they use are made from corn, utensils are actually potato starch and the wax paper is made from a combination of soy/wood-pulp. Ceramics are made by local artists and the tables made from the local egg supplier.

There is an offering of meats from duck to lamb and various salumerie. Shelves are also stocked with locally milled grains, syrups for weekend pancake breakfasts and more. A full dairy selection is available with fresh butter, milk in glass bottles, and even buffalo milk yogurt.

Produce is beautifully displayed and is evident that it was just harvested. On one recent visit, I witnessed a woman come in with her freshly picked mushrooms; and she received cash for them, they placed them in a nice display and were the most beautiful I have seen in a long time. Chanterelles at $40 a pound, Morels, and others were vibrant and ready for eating.


Need olive oil and vinegar? Not a problem – – buy the empty bottle and get it filled, bring it back for refill. The balsamic offering is just slightly tangy and very smooth.  I made a simple vinaigrette with extra virgin olive oil, a crack of pepper and touch of sea salt and it was magical over the fresh and locally harvested baby arugula.


Table Local Market is a nice addition to our Westchester community and worth the drive if you do not live in Bedford Hills.  Stop in, shop a bit, put down your bags and have a freshly made lunch at the table while pondering dinner.

Table Local Market

11 Babbitt Road

Bedford Hills, NY 914-241-0269


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    Nice post! So glad you came in.

    –The Cheese Monger

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