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Mrs. Green’s now in Tarrytown


Mrs. Green’s Natural Market opened its doors in Tarrytown in late December. We wanted to throw it out there as we are big fans of Mrs. Green’s markets.

Mrs. Green’s Natural Market is located at 45 North Broadway and offers 100% organic produce, all-natural meats and dairy, artisanal baked goods, supplements, and household products.

The 45 North Broadway location has been vacant for a number of years, formerly occupied by Tarrytown Gourmet for over a decade. The store will increase the town’s “green” profile and support Tarrytown’s existing reputation as a destination for eco-conscious shoppers. Currently the community boasts three farm-to-table restaurants, a natural olive oil purveyor, a natural home store, and a smaller recently opened natural products boutique.

They feature an all-organic salad bar, wholesome to-go meals and beverage bar serving Fair Trade coffee and organic juices.

Mrs. Green’s Natural Market is a true one-stop-shopping experience for us health conscious customers.

Store hours are Monday–Sunday 8 a.m – 9 p.m.


Mrs Greens



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