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Peter Pratt’s Inn

Walking into Peter Pratt’s Inn is definitely taking a step back in time.  The dining room is wonderfully dark with wooden ceiling beams and white stone walls with a fireplace at one end to crackle you warm on a drizzly cool day.

The wine list is quite impressive with bottle prices beginning around $40 and escalating quickly.  Wines by the glass lack luster.  A huge kudos for Peter Pratt’s Inn, however, for taking their wine business seriously!  Each bottle is maintained at the appropriate temperature, perfect for enjoyment.

The Hot and Sour Salad appetizer, although having an enticing name, was more tangy, cool, and bitter.

Scallops on a bed of pureed cauliflower were nicely grilled and drizzled with a parsley infused oil – – great match.

Sauteed Tiger Shrimp over a tiny bed of risotto were perfectly done, and the risotto just creamy and al dente enough to satisfy.  The plate included a short stack of spinach leaves with just a hint of vinaigrette and a few asparagus tops carefully trimmed and turned revealing inner white layers.

Dessert recommendation is the homemade ice cream.  A taste of each flavor-packed mini-scoop will dance on your tongue.  It is a small tasting – – don’t sneeze or your scoop will vanish.

The staff is friendly and reasonably attentive.  Faithful regulars haunt this restaurant.  Jonathon Pratt, the friendly owner, can be seen sitting at the end of the bar savoring a glass of wine while managing his business.  The ambience would benefit from a bit of music in the background.

Good food, great wine list, yet expensive for what you’re getting in return. 

Save Peter Pratt’s Inn as a special-occasion destination (reservations recommended).  You’ll enjoy it.

Peter Pratt’s Inn

673 Croton Heights Road

Yorktown, NY  10598



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  1. Susan wrote:

    Quaint place for a quiet dinner. Just be careful stopping in for an after dinner drink. The bartender suggested a couple of different ports, which we heartily imbibed, and we were left with a $75 bar tab! Yikes.

    Sunday, May 20, 2007 at 5:25 pm | Permalink

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