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“Your fingers never tasted so good…”

Jimmie Lee’s Southern Barbeque

577 North Broadway

White Plains, NY  10603


“Your fingers never tasted so good.”

That is the motto of Jimmie Lee’s in White Plains.  Unless you travel via the North White Plains Metro North station, this restaurant is a destination, not something you’d stumble upon.  The location is odd.

The bar area is large and is visibly removed from the dining rooms (plural). A casual feel to the place is relaxing with stucco-like walls and subdued colors.  Each table benefits from a bucket of tootsie-pops, I believe enjoyed by the adults more than the children!  Another very appreciated ammenity is that you are given a roll of paper towels in a holder – – eat with your fingers and use as many towels as you need!  Great fun!

The food is flavorful and nicely seasoned.  Smokey bbq with an offering of homemade sauces to enliven the palette do not disappoint.

The bar area really has a “sports bar” feel and it is clear they are looking for the crowd that will and eat/drink for hours while cheering for the favorite team.  Laura, a newly hired face, is comical and reminiscent of a platinum blonde Liza Minelli.

This concept rings of franchise potential and when I asked the owner if this was a franchise, he responded by saying, “We’re fine tuning what we have here hoping to open many more – – if it works.” 

It works.  Go, have some icy-cold draught beers, and enjoy good bbq.

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