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Jewel of Himalaya – – Tibetan treats

This little cozy restaurant located in Yorktown’s Triangle Center (strip mall) is truly a jewel.

Nuru Sherpa, the restaurant’s owner

Meeting the owner, Nuru Sherpa, was such a delight. He told of his journey from Tibet and how they had to escape the persecution there and came here for opportunity – – a true Tibetan/American inspiration.

The food at Jewel of Himalaya is varied and interesting. The use of noodles, nuts in a sauce, and the sauces themselves awake the palate. Although Tibetans are mostly Buddhist and are vegetarians, the restaurant does offer fare with meat more in the style of Indian food (Tandoori, etc). They have yet to get a license for liquor but you are free and encouraged to bring your own.

Soup was earthy and complex

Momo (dumplings) steamed with a hot and spicy tomato sauceĀ 

Smoky greens


Nepali Thali – – vegetables on a platter. Delicious

Tandoori Chicken


Tibetan Butter Tea was soothing


Give them a try – – you’ll be glad to have it in your restaurant repertoire. Prices are reasonable, the food is good, and they are gracious.

Jewel of Himilaya

34 Triangle Center

Yorktown Heights, NY 10598



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