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Baking with Chloe! Chocolate Swirl Buns

My friend, Chloe, had decided that she wanted to bring some treats into her office. She found a recipe by Deb Perelman of the Smitten Kitchen that she really thought had potential. She came into my kitchen and we made it together. The various steps in the process are noted below. I’ll start by showing a finished Chocolate Swirl Bun first. The recipe and the ingredients it calls for are very straight-forward. The big hint for success here is to have everything measured out (mise-en-place = everything in its place) and ready to go before proceeding. The finished result is tender yet has a bit of cake-ish consistency. The flavor is reminiscent of eating a Pain du Chocolat! Nothing wrong with that!

A finished Chocolate Swirl Bun

After rising, the dough is then put onto a floured board and deflated before rolling-out.

While the dough rises, a chocolate filling is prepared. Very easy, very delicious.

Filling is scattered about the rolled-out rectangular dough. A measuring tape was used to get it right.

The pastry is then rolled into a log. Again a measuring tape was used to score inch increments for slicing.

Sliced pieces are then placed into a buttered muffin tin. Then an egg wash is applied.

The Chocolate Swirl Buns just out of the oven and cooling in the tin.



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