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Dough Nation – Chef David DiBari does it again!

Chef David DiBari of The Cookery in Dobbs Ferry has added another tally to his list of achievements.

Dough Nation is a mobile pizza oven, built in Naples. The oven sits on top of a trailer and is currently mobilizing to various farmers market locations daily and to Captain Lawrence Brewery on Fridays from 4 to 7pm. You can follow Dough Nation and its locations on their Facebook page as well as Twitter.

Chef DiBari plans to employ a mix of woods such as cherry, birch, and even olive to fire the pizzas. This wood burning marvel cranks to a healthy 800 plus degrees.

It is no surprise that his selections for pizza toppings will only be top shelf and over-the-top creative. Pizza toppings include their house-made mozzarella as well as many locally sourced meats and vegetables. Traditional pizza such as pomodoro, fresh basil and house made mozzarella is a classic offering. Then we get into some very interesting combos such as green tomato jam with fontina cheese, and a dessert pizza of Nutella, marshmallows, and raspberry powder.

Prices are quite affordable coming in at $10 – $12. Cash is what they accept.

Chef DiBari offers a “take it or leave it” attitude as well by featuring signage stating:

“There are absolutely no substitutions—don’t ask!! No, you can’t have extra anything. You can’t have half pie this, half pie that. You can’t have it extra crispy. You can’t hold anything unless you are allergic. And then I will need to see a doctor’s note.” You gotta love that.

As one can guess from the name, Dough Nation, Chef DiBari is donating a portion of sales to charity.

Photo credits: Gabrielle Rubino

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