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Just a touch of “Mint” is all we need…

A sliver of a shop, located on Main Street in Tarrytown is Mint.  Opened by a Moroccan transplant named Hassan, this delicious find stocks many exotic products.  Incredible cheeses from around the world, a selection of interesting Belgian brews and many unusual sundries.

Hassan stands behind his very crowded counter slicing generous pieces of cheese and salumi and in essence “feeds you.” Try the aged pecorino with truffle or the creamy basil fromage.  Want to blow your mind? Have the French Triple Creme cheese.

You may have wanted to pop in just to buy a boule or baguette but once your taste buds have been opened by the treats he gives you, your shopping bag will be more incredibly full than you anticipated.

At the back of the shop is a counter replete with interesting platters of which they will incorporate into a wrap.  Rotisserie chickens slow cook in front of you with incredible spiced aromas.  Try the salad of wheat berries, too – – it doesn’t disappoint. If octopus and squid are your things, this salad is a customer favorite.

While waiting to place an order, I was given an over-the-top serving of hot chocolate made with Valhrona, one of the world’s best mixed in a heavy cream under the heat of the espresso machine.

Recently I had Mint do a beautiful meat and cheese platter for a business meeting.  Not only was the presentation beautiful, Hassan even lent the platter and trusted that it would be returned in good condition. It was.

Mint is charming and quite a resource. Keep it up, Hassan!

Mint Premium Foods

18 Main Street

Tarrytown, NY  10591


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