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Crown Maple Syrup – – support local artisan products

Crown Maple Syrup is harvested and bottled locally in the Hudson Valley (Dutchess County). We strongly advocate supporting our local products and artisans.

An article by Florence Fabricant in the New York Times provides a good overview of this wonderful local product.

This family-owned Crown Maple Syrup is available online at and at select specialty grocers throughout the Northeast.

The syrup is certified 100 percent organic by the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York Certified Organic, LLC.

This syrup has been called light, graceful, and refined. It is produced on Crown Maple’s 800 acre farm in the Hudson River Valley. Robb and Lydia Turner had purchased this land in 2007 for use as a family retreat but then realized they were surrounded by a grove of pristine and century-old sugar maple trees.

Crown Maple says that because of its pristine and refined qualities, it is perfect as a coffee and tea sweetener, or on pancakes and other classic breakfast foods, In addition, Crown Maple Syrup doesn’t have the high glycemic counts found in the refined or artificial sweeteners of other syrups, making it an exquisite addition to sweet and savory preparations, such as vinaigrettes, marinades, glazes and cocktails.

Support a local product, tell your friends, and purchase Crown Maple Syrup. It is sold via Crown Maple’s website. A 12-ounce bottle of Medium or Dark Amber sells for $17.95; $19.95 per 12-ounce bottle of Light Amber; $51.95 per Crown Maple Trio, including three 12-ounce bottles of Light, Medium and Dark Amber; or $19.95 for Crown Maple’s Petite Trio, which includes three 1.7-ounce bottles of Light, Medium and Dark Amber.

Crown Maple Farm
47 McCourt Road
Dover Plains NY 12522
(845) 877-0640

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