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Penzeys… the proof is in the fennel

Years ago I had discovered Penzeys Spice Company. I’ve decided they are worth a serious “shout out.”

If you are looking for quality spices in your kitchen, this is the destination. They procure spices from around the world and the quality is impeccable. Pricing is quite similar to what you would find in a store. Also, they offer various quantities and  sell different jar sizes should you wish to buy in larger quantities. I would suggest keeping to smaller sizes unless you use a particular spice quite often (like peppercorns) – – We want the spices to be as fresh as possible, all the time.

I say the proof is in the “fennel” as I demonstrate just one comparison. Below are two piles of fennel seed. The top version is a store purchased version (major brand) that most people would find in the grocery store. Below is the plump, vibrant, and extremely more flavorful fennel seeds from Penzeys.

Ground spices should be kept no more than six months and whole spices, a year. A tip is label the jar with the date you opened it to manage your inventory.  We highly recommend Penzeys.

They have retail locations, but can be ordered via their website (which needs a major redesign). I write that off to the fact they are focusing on our spices and not their website.


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