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Give yourself a turkey break on Thanksgiving

We’re not saying to skip the turkey, just saying to NOT cook it.

We sampled the smoked turkeys from Greenberg Smoked Turkeys and were blown away. In addition, we knew about this years before Oprah declared it an amazing find! Greenberg has been smoking their turkeys with a special rub over hickory smoke for more than 70  years.

Turkeys are so moist and smoked in Hickory. They come in refrigeration packaging. The turkey will hold in the fridge for about 8 days, or you can freeze for a longer duration.

The color is a rich mahogany and we stand behind their recommendation to eat it room temp (and leftover sandwiches the next day at a slight chill). Certainly they can be heated and instructions are included.

When we tell you this will blow you away, we’re not kidding.  You can easily order online or call them at (903) 595-0725. You can specify a delivery on any Wednesday through Friday of your choosing.

Wanted to drop the fact that “this bird is the word” before it’s too late.


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