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Gobble at Wobble…

Located on the corner of Campwoods Road and Stone Avenue in Ossining, is a cute homey restaurant called Wobble Cafe.

This charming out-of-the way from regular traffic destination is child-friendly.  It is the perfect place to bring little ones who may have a difficult time sitting through breakfast at the table.  Send them off to the play area where they can draw, go through board books, play with toys, etc.  There are colored drawings on the walls by children of the food they see in the restaurant.  The place is very cozy like being in someone’s kitchen – – soft yellow walls toward the front, and very non-restaurant lighting fixtures.  You may see a quilt or two about.

Now, if you’re not one for children playing around you during breakfast, go somewhere else.  However, they are quite cute to watch and because they are so busy enjoying themselves, really not “out of control.”

Wobble opened in 2005 by married owners Rich Foshay and Beylka Krupp.  Word has it that the restaurant was named after their cat.

Menu options have something for everyone.  Bring your veggie friends, too!  There are crepe offerings such as grilled chicken or a grilled-apple compote. Yum!  They offer just a couple of salads but you can mix it up by requesting that your salad be made “chef” with the addition of turkey, cheese and ham; or you can request that grilled chicken or tenders be added. Go for something different and try the blueberry vinaigrette – – a nice balance of sweet and tang.

The panini press is slammin’ here, too.  There are several offerings.  Try the Reuben panini which had nice grill marks along the untraditional hoagie-esque roll. This sandwich is generously packed with delicious pastrami, a melt of Swiss cheese and just the right amount of thousand island dressing to balance. The size of the sandwich dares you to eat more than half – – it is enormous. The fries were the crunchy coated kind and not made on-site.  Though, not too shabby with a light dousing of malt vinegar.

Move over Rachel Ray – – Wobble has “sammies” too! There are hamburgers which can be made veggie with a portobello replacement.  In addition, PBJ can be made with a cashew butter with a nice addition of sliced apples or bananas to complement.

This review primarily covers tastings during the brunch seating.  However, you can go for breakfast or even lunch and find even more interesting items on those menus.

The only real criticism is the lack of a smiling waitstaff.  Coffee refills do flow though but a smile goes a long way. In addition, the woman clearing tables removed plates from dining companions while others were still eating creating a sense of pressure for those still enjoying a meal.

Also know that they do not have a license to offer wine. However, they are more than happy that you bring your own and are gracious enough to not charge for corkage.

Check out this place.  Alone? Sit at the counter and sip a cup of “Joe” and read the paper.

Before leaving you can take a little Wobble home for a late-night fix with their spicy homemade mango salsa or pickled jalapenos – – another yum on both counts.

One thing to watch for – – check their website or call first.  A couple of visits found myself arriving at a restaurant that was closed for a party or about to close for one. That’s a good sign though – – Ossining has a little treasure tucked within it.

Wobble Cafe

21 Campwoods Road

Ossining, NY 10562


  • Tuesday/Wednesday 7 – 4
  • Thursday 7 – 6 Dinner 6 – 9
  • Friday 7 – 5 Dinner 5 – 9
  • Saturday 8 – 5 Dinner 5 – 9
  • Sunday 8 – 4

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