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Lunch at Birreria

Eataly, our new gastronomic Italian mecca on 23rd Street and Fifth Avenue has just opened Birreria. Eataly turns one-year-old on August 31st and they have completed their first year by creating another spectacular experience for us. Located on the 14th floor above the grocery/restaurant emporium, we are transported to another adventure.

Just as you exit the elevator on the 14th floor, your “beer education” begins.

The roof is retractable offering various perspective views of Manhattan.

Behind the bar sit casks with brews/vini kept at appropriate temperatures for your enjoyment. Fans circulate the warm summer air keeping you refreshed.


Birerria has partnered with Dogfish Head, Baladin, and Del Borgo to provide craft beers made on-site. Notice the traditional hand pumps.

Just another perspective on the views and seating.

Food choices at Birerria reflect the northern Italian regions such as Alto Adige. My family hails from this region so eating these delicacies was like going home. Below you’ll notice a sampling of hand crafted sausages. The Bratwurst is Sudtirol inspired and made with veal, pork and flavored with hints of caraway. The “Probusto” is of Trentino origin with pork, beef, and coriander. Another choice is the Cotechino followed by the very visually interesting “Biroldo” a Toscana inspired blood sausage. A sampler plate of sausages and sides for five people goes for $95. This “piatto misto” includes all sausage and a choice of two “contorni” (side dishes). Side offerings include krauti, a crock of pickled vegetables, and insalata di patate (potato salad) – – the crusty bread is delicious and served in parchment like kraft wrapped packages. Ask for the sea salt and black pepper to sprinkle into your olive oil for dipping. The menu certainly doesn’t end here… There is a funghi section, the pork shoulder is fall-apart when touched with a fork, cheese offerings and various salumi. Steaks abound as they worked with the amazing Pat Lafrieda to only get the very best. Not into all the meat – – salad choices are interesting and clearly seasonal with an Italian influence. Many items “alla griglia” are available. There truly is something for everyone.

A view showcasing the fans, seating, umbrellas to provide shade if so desired, and of course the ever-beautiful Flatiron Building

Reservations are accepted for six or more. There is a reservationist at the elevator providing crowd control – – if the roof is filled to capacity a respresentative will take names and phone numbers to send a text message when space becomes available.

Birreria, inĀ Eataly

200 Fifth Avenue (entrance on 23rd Street, West of Fifth Avenue)

(212) 937-8910

Hours: 11:30 a.m. to 1 a.m. daily, with access after the store closes.






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