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BarTaco in Port Chester

Bartaco in Port Chester is a welcome addition to the restaurant scene. Opening in late December, it is refreshing to eat there now that the sun is shining and the outdoor seating can be enjoyed. It is located on Willett Avenue with views of the Byram River complete with docks and boats. There is ample free parking in front of the restaurant.

The design of the restaurant is an open-air, minimal environment complemented by Edison lighting, wooden long arm fans lightly whirring and big woven baskets inverted having been converted to light fixtures. Refreshing, open, and amusing.

The food here is fresh, flavorful, bright, and comes to the table quickly. Service is quite attentive (partly based on a responsibility you must assume) yet not intrusive. If you would like to see a server, simply place your dragonfly card into the upright “mast” at your table and service will descend. To order, you simply fill out a card which is at your table along with pencils. Place your card up, and your server will walk away with your order. At your personalized order center, you’ll find three salsas which are bright and so fresh: Salsa Verde (mild), Chipotle (slightly smoky and spiced), Habanero (the heat level here goes without saying).

Overall, this restaurant is a tequileria with quite a diverse menu for tasting. Cocktails are creative and fresh. One can order a single drink or have them by the carafe at the table.

If it is your first time, consider ordering the small or large sampler plate which will provide you with a selection of tamales, various tacos, pickled ¬†and crunchy cucumber slices, a chipotle slaw, and guacamole with house-made large “chips.”

Prior to your order arriving, and in lieu of a plate, you’ll be provided with your own mini baking sheet lined with craft paper. This comes with a rolled napkin containing knife, fork, and chopsticks. The chopsticks can be used to pick up any nibble that strays from the main serving tray or even the slaw and cucumber salad. Great fun.

The music is upbeat and contemporary latin. Hours are accommodating… The website will tell you they are open until 2:00AM but servers will tell you they are open 11:30AM to 3:30AM seven days a week with food being served the entire time.

Bartaco is affordable, delicious, and easy going. Now that the warmer weather is here, each visit to the deck overlooking the water with delicious small plates and cocktails is a get-away.


1 Willett Avenue

Port Chester, NY 10573

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