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Not olives, rather OLOVES

On a flight back from Geneva, Switzerland into New York we were served this amazing snack which came in a very cool pouch. Attached to the pouch was a toothpick. Inside were these deliciously marinated olives.

The company is called Oloves. I wrote to them asking where I could purchase them. A perfect snack during the day.

Originally they said they were looking to make them available via retail but that they currently were only available on Swiss Air. Since that time, they have broadened their reach with other airlines.

Drum roll please…..

Recently they emailed to say they have made them available on Amazon.

Well, my shipment arrived and I am delighted.  The price is great considering they are shipped from Spain.

They come in packs of 24 at $2 each which includes shipping.

The current offerings are:

  • Mediterranean basil and garlic olives (my current favorite)
  • Original natural black olives
  • Light-hearted vinaigrette
  • and soon to be released: Habanero chili black olives

You can find them at this link.

Have fun!

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