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Brewery series benefits Ossining Ambulance Corp.

Below, see the release from Holy Smoke and their Brewery Series which will benefit The Ossining Ambulance Corp.
The new season of Brewery Series Nights is just around the corner. We are very pleased to have ROGUE and STONE double bill and to help benefit the Ossining Volunteer Ambulance Corp.
If you are not familiar with our Brewery Series Nights, they are a weekend night (this case Saturday September 18 starts about 6:30pm) where Holy Smoke taps an array of great beers from their visiting brewery. In this case its Rogue from Colorado and Stone from California. The brewery sends in brewers or the reps to talk to our patrons about the beers on tap and the what’s coming up from their breweries. The brewery realizes this is a special night and send us some rare or hard to get products to basically show-off and please the true beer fans of each brewery.
For this event each of these breweries will have 12 taps and from what we have already in our cellars to what has been talked about being delivered, I am certain that every Rogue, Stone and beer fan will be blown away. Some beers have been decided upon and are on the web site already. The final list will be posted well before the event.
This event will go to benefit the Ossining Volunteer Ambulance Corp. We will raise money in a few ways, a couple of them are this:
  • #1 We are raffling off a CASK of Troges Nugget Nectar. This is a very hard beer to get let alone have it in CASK form.

  • #2 We are raffling off one of our famous 50 lb smoked whole pigs. You pick the date and you will have a feast and all the Original Holy Smoke BBQ sauce you need for dipping.

Each raffle ticket is $10. All proceeds go to the Ossining Volunteer Ambulance Corp and all tickets are on sale now. These are two great prizes and its goes to a great cause.
Finally, we will be very busy on the event night but we would like everyone to have the opportunity to take some of these great beers home. We WILL DO GROWLERS THAT night. Order them as soon as you get in that evening and please be patient. Growlers take time to pour properly 20 min at best so eat, relax talk to the host breweries and you will be able to take home some very fine products that are hard to come by to say the least.
241 Route 6N
Mahopac, NY 10541

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