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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Orangicello – – a winter treat

Most recently we made limoncello with organic lemons, it was delicious and enjoyed by so many. Then came the idea to use oranges for a more winter “feel.” The result is beautiful and tasty. I simply followed the same limoncello recipe but substituted oranges.  Give it a try 😉

The Fish Cellar — a cozy gem

On Main Street in Mt. Kisco lies a gem of a restaurant – – The Fish Cellar.  This restaurant owned by Joe and Joni DiMauro really is a treat. Down the steps into a warm and cozily lit dining room one finds a perfectly sized bar for dining alone or with a friend, a well-stocked […]

Pollo all’Aceto (Chicken in Vinegar Sauce)

This dish is made in various ways throughout Italy and France.  In France, it is bistro cooking; and in Italy, we would see it in various trattorias.  It is simple, yet the result is “warming” and welcoming. Make this for your friends and they will thank you. 3 lb. chicken parts – – skin-on thighs […]

New Executive Chef @ Mauro’s in Ossining

Below is the bio on the new chef at Mauro’s Restaurant in Ossining.  I have had several of his dishes and he is developing a new menu to be unveiled soon. Giuseppe Bologna recently took over the Executive Chef position at Mauro’s Restaurant and Bar in Ossining, New York. Chef Giuseppe brings years of experience […]

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