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Monthly Archives: September 2009

44 Closes in Croton-on-Hudson

44 Tapas Lounge has closed its doors in Croton-on-Hudson. A year ago, the place was “hopping”, the restaurant packed and the bar area overflowing outside of its doors.  Weeks ago, there was one quiet table of two dining and the bar was empty of patrons and almost all beverage choices.  One sole bottle of wine […]

Stop Shlepping Seltzer!

Sitting on the kitchen countertop, is this “thing” that makes people ask, “What does that do!?” I just respond, “It makes seltzer, silly!” Gone now are the days of searching the isles of my food stores looking for seltzer (always “original”, never flavored!) Only to find that the original is gone and I’m left with […]

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