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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Half Moon – – enough to make Henry Hudson proud

The best laid plans sometimes go awry.  Felt the need to enjoy the beautifully sunny day river-side with a nice lunch. The first place that came to mind was a location that has the requirements met: riverside dining and sun accessible.  There was one small problem…It wasn’t open. What a missed opportunity to have a location with an amazingly […]

summer’s first pesto

The basil is now in full swing, unbelievably so, considering our rainy days and overcast skies.  I am grateful, regardless.  When basil gets to this point, it is time to make pesto!  This recipe is straight-forward, simple, yet delicious.  Dollop this pesto on your morning eggs, spread it on your panini,  or dip your roasted […]

Chili Verde

Spicy food cannot simply be relegated to the cool or cold months.  Most of us need a kick now and then; and this simple dish does just the trick! There are several ways to make this dish… start from the basic recipe, switch-it-up based on your level of heat tolerance, other flavor components, etc. 1/4 […]

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