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Monthly Archives: July 2007

PF Chang’s China Bistro – – Stroller Hell

Try to enter PF Chang’s China Bistro within the Westchester Mall and you will most likely have to physically push strollers aside.  When parking a stroller, the last place I’d think to put it is in FRONT of the door. Hmmmm. The place is bustling.  It is noisy.  The food is moderately good, and don’t […]

Pollo alla Romana (Chicken, Roman Style)

Pollo all Romana A flavorful chicken dish with classic Roman ingredients. This is a one-pot meal which can be done easily on top of the stove.  For variation, we have taken this recipe outdoors and prepared it on top of the grill.  The video link below will show you how to do this. 8 chicken thighs, […]

Pickled Eggs?

  Yes, pickled eggs!  Those who have the memory of growing up with them cherish each bite.  Most who have never had one (or heard of them) generally turn up the nose and sneer.  They are delicious.  Typical tavern fare of yesteryear I challenge you to re-encounter or discover them.  There are many ways to […]

Blue Hill Cafe at Stone Barns

If you’d rather not wait weeks to be seated in the dining room of one of America’s most incredible restaurants – – Blue Hill at Stone Barns – – there is an option.  Located within the courtyard is a small salad bar they refer to as Blue Hill Cafe. Little, it is – – Yet […]

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