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Ramps! A very welcome perennial delight

When ramps arrive, it is almost a guarantee that we are truly locked into spring and that one can finally bid adieu to winter. Photo credit: Larry Buscher  Ramps have become increasingly popular over the last few years in upscale restaurants; and they are not easy to find in standard food stores. They can sometimes […]

Word of the Day: Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts Said to have been cultivated in 16th century Belgium, Brussels sprouts are  a member of the cabbage family, and indeed resemble tiny cabbage heads. Many rows of sprouts grow on a single long stalk. They range from 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches in diameter; the smaller sprouts are more tender. Brussels sprouts are […]

Word of the Day: Farro

Farro Pronounced: FAHR-oh An ancient cereal grain belonging to the wheat family and dating back more than 20,000 years. It was the staple of Roman legions during their occupation of Egypt. Farro has reemerged in Italy is attracting attention from cooks around the world. Farro has a dense chewy structure and a rich, nutty flavor. […]

Word of the Day: Chiffonade

Chiffonade Pronounced: Shihf uh NAHD Literally translated, this French phrase means “made of rags.” Culinarily it refers to thin strips or shreds of vegetables (classically sorrel and lettuce), either lightly sautéed or used raw to garnish soups, salads, and other dishes.   WestchesterEats highly recommends Food Lover’s Companion by Sharon Tyler Herbst and Ron Herbst […]

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