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Denning’s Point Distillery – – A Beacon gem

Denning’s Point Distillery is contained within an urban production space in Beacon, NY. They offer tours and tastings. You can learn about their distillation process and enjoy their spirits which come from NY state agricultural grains. They offer Viskill Vodka made from NY state wheat, Denning’s Point White Rye and a limited edition rare find […]

Drink More Good!

A beverage you should know about, if you do not already! This is locally hand-crafted using only the best spices and aromatics. Drink More Good was founded in late 2012 by Jason Schuler, with one goal in mind – to make the world a better place. They use locally sourced and organic ingredients to create old-fashioned […]

Half Pops!

My favorite part of a bowl or barrel of popcorn are what I’ve heard referred to as the “grannies.” These are the not fully popped kernels – – slightly caramelized, absolutely delicious in their crunchiness. A Seattle based company has to come to my rescue with a snack that is just that…. Half popped kernels […]

Thai hot wings

This Thai inspired wings recipe is a home run. The finish with fresh cilantro leaves adds the right amount of bright flavor notes and complement the wings nicely. Wings ready to serve! Ingredients 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon kosher salt 1 teaspoon ground coriander 2 pounds chicken wingettes and/or drumettes 10 tablespoons (or ½ […]

Crown Maple Syrup – – support local artisan products

Crown Maple Syrup is harvested and bottled locally in the Hudson Valley (Dutchess County). We strongly advocate supporting our local products and artisans. An article by Florence Fabricant in the New York Times provides a good overview of this wonderful local product. This family-owned Crown Maple Syrup is available online at and at select […]

Wine & Food Weekend – – Westchester Magazine

The largest gathering of restaurants and wine presenters at a single event in Westchester history, the 2012 Wine & Food Weekend will feature the region’s most celebrated chefs, critically acclaimed restaurants, the hottest new specialty food products, more than 200 top wine vintages from around the world and specialty cocktails served in a spectacular spirits […]

Penzeys… the proof is in the fennel

Years ago I had discovered Penzeys Spice Company. I’ve decided they are worth a serious “shout out.” If you are looking for quality spices in your kitchen, this is the destination. They procure spices from around the world and the quality is impeccable. Pricing is quite similar to what you would find in a store. Also, […]

Give yourself a turkey break on Thanksgiving

We’re not saying to skip the turkey, just saying to NOT cook it. We sampled the smoked turkeys from Greenberg Smoked Turkeys and were blown away. In addition, we knew about this years before Oprah declared it an amazing find! Greenberg has been smoking their turkeys with a special rub over hickory smoke for more […]

Not olives, rather OLOVES

On a flight back from Geneva, Switzerland into New York we were served this amazing snack which came in a very cool pouch. Attached to the pouch was a toothpick. Inside were these deliciously marinated olives. The company is called Oloves. I wrote to them asking where I could purchase them. A perfect snack during […]

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